Who is Anirudh Mohan?

Anirudh Mohan is a B2B Online Marketing Expert with PPC being his primary expertise.
With an Experience of 5-years, his dedication towards work is admirable.
Having Experience in SaaS and IT Environments, Generating an ARR of $4.2 Million
Anirudh Mohan has support over 8+ Companies in leveraging their


Client Pipeline

Reducing CPA

Online Presence

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Performance Marketing Expert
Marketing is all about your A/B Testing and Strategy. Even "Pro"fessionals fail without a proper strategy. And if your strategy includes publishing 5 Blogs in a week or generating 50 Backlinks in a day, that ain't going to help and ultimately you'll end up dissipating your allocated funds.

Online Marketing isn't that course you did or Blog you just read or Test you gave to Google. Its more than that and require strong Analytical skills.

What Anirudh Mohan Excel

Performance Marketing
Internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.
Demand Generation
Generating demand and brand awareness to build B2B Leads and Authority
who is ani mohan
Which Book Anirudh Mohan is Reading?
As of now, I am reading this amazing piece of work by Mr. Fitzgerald which turned out to be the Greated Novels in the history of America. Its The Great Gatsby
Built Over $4.2 Million ARR
I've helped companies build over $4.2 Million of Annual Recurring Revenue for their SaaS companies through performance marketing and demand generation.
Anirudh mohan building revenue
who is anirudh
Hiring the Right People
One of my key secret is to hire people when they are not looking for an opportunity. The best talent out there is not wasting their time on job portals. Go out in the marketing and make intelligent people believe in your vision
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  • Anirudh Mohan is one of the Finest leaders I have met. He's gonna make sure to help you each possible time. I would generally involve him in a lot of converstions to get a different perspective

    Roshan Sharma

  • Can't stop appreciating for all Anirudh Mohan has done for me. He would generaly come up with the most effective solutions for my Marketing Strategy and even Daily problems.

    Gaurav Kapoor

  •  Anirudh Mohan would never let you feel out of the circle. He would constantly pitch you and try to involve you in the converstion so that you don't feel left out.

    Jackson Kendrick

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