Who is Anirudh Mohan?

I'm Anirudh Mohan, and I specialize in B2B marketing with my primary expertise as lead generation. I've had the privilege of gaining six years of valuable experience in this field, and my dedication to my work is something I hold in high regard.
My professional journey has led me to work in the SaaS and IT industries, where I've contributed significantly to generating an Annual Recurring Revenue of $6.75 million. I've helped organizations in the following with my marketing strategies:

Driving Revenue

Generating Client Pipeline

Reducing Marketing Cost

Improving Online Presence


"Effective marketing relies heavily on A/B testing and a well-thought-out strategy. Even seasoned professionals can struggle without these crucial elements. If your strategy revolves around churning out five blogs a week or acquiring 50 backlinks in a single day, it's unlikely to yield the desired results and may lead to a wasteful expenditure of your budget.

Marketing goes beyond completing a course, reading a blog, or passing a Google test. It demands a deeper understanding and necessitates strong analytical skills to succeed."

What Anirudh Mohan Excel

Lead Generation

Generating leads through inbound and outbound funnels that converts into paid accounts 

Demand Generation

Generating demand and brand awareness to build B2B Leads and Authority

Built Over $7.75 Million ARR

I've had the privilege of generating more than $6.75 million in annual recurring revenue for organizations through the implementation of my lead and demand generation strategies, fostering lasting relationships built on trust and shared success.

Get in Touch with Anirudh Mohan

  • Bringing Anirudh into my Marketing team was one of the best decisions. His GTM plan was an immediate success and brought a ROI of over 340% during it's entire duration.
    Generating an ARR of about $2.5 Million USD for us through his marketing strategy and execution.

    Prashant Kumar

    Vice President - Marketing
  • I have had the privilege of working with Anirudh in his role as Marketing Manager and can attest to his strategic thinking.
    Anirudh has developed and executed numerous successful marketing campaigns that have resulted in increased brand awareness and market share.

    Riya Soni

    Search Engine Optimization Executive
  • I had the pleasure of working with Anirudh in the performance marketing and product marketing team at our company for the past 2 years. During this time, he consistently impressed me with his strategic thinking, attention to detail, and ability to drive tangible results. Our team saw significant increase in lead generation and sales.

    Prachi Girdhar

    Talent Development
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