February 28, 2021

YouTube Lets You Broadcast Yourself

Once upon a time, the Internet was used for research. Then came this thing called popularity, and the use of the Internet changed dramatically. Today, for billions of people, the Internet’s primary use is that of entertainment.

One of the most popular entertainment sites online is YouTube (although the site can be used for research and learning and it has a vast number of educational videos). A large part of the popularity of YouTube is that it allows visitors to create their own videos, and this is, of course, a big reason why its contents are so vast.

In addition to education and entertainment, videos can be used for marketing purposes. In fact, these goals are not mutually exclusive: the same video can be entertaining, educational and can contain a marketing message. The key is to avoid being overly heavy-handed with any advertising message, and to be sure to provide plenty of desirable content.

The first, and perhaps hardest step for many, will be to come up with a suitable idea for a video. Unfortunately,  many wannabe videographers put too little thought into this part of the process. The desired goal of the video can often be the catalyst for a great message.

After choosing your topic, your next step will be to record the video. These days, there is no shortage of options for doing so, from camcorders to the great camera built into your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Remember that your video can be seen by potentially thousands of viewers, so you should make sure it is age-appropriate. If you plan on including graphic images or profanity, (which you hopefully won’t do for a marketing video) that it is a good idea to note this in the video’s title or description.

Also, keep in mind that YouTube has some limitations regarding the file size of your video and its length. Most users are limited to videos of 10 minutes or less and under 100 MB in file size.

You should also become familiar with YouTube’s user agreement. Aside from the rules stipulated there, there are no other restrictions. You have no limits as to the number of videos you can create, and if you wish to convey a message that takes longer than 10 minutes, you can create a two-part video.

After shooting your video, you can edit it with the software that came with your device. For example, Macs come with iMovie, which is an excellent video editing package that can do most if not everything you need.

The technical aspects of uploading a video are likely to be the least of your worries. This is because YouTube makes the process about as easy as possible.

If you do not already have a YouTube account, of course, you will first need to create one. Then, from iMovie’s Share menu you choose YouTube and enter your account name and password. After that, uploading is as easy as clicking a button.

Depending on your Internet connection and the length of your video, it could be up in as little as a few minutes and ready for the world to view.

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