February 28, 2021

Use Pictures On Your Blog To Boost Interest

Studies show that blogs that have pictures or images are accessed more often and create more interest than those that are text only. If you are looking for a simple way to boost traffic to your blog, you might want to consider adding images.

Adding images to your blog posts is not difficult. Most blog programs have controls that allow you to quickly and easily add images. Images boost traffic for these reasons:


Experts have estimated that takes approximately 25% more effort for the eyes and brain to read words off of a computer screen than on paper. Although we may not know it, we are less likely to read long text on the screen. It takes longer and requires more effort. Adding images helps to boost your blog scannability, making it easier to get the gist of the content.

60% of those who visit your blog will not read it word for word. They will not primarily scan through it and look for the main points. But almost always they will read the headlines and look at the pictures.

Images allow your blog to be more easily scanned because they create a break for the eyes and the brain, which take in pictures more easily than words. Offering a break to your readers will allow your blog to be scanned more easily and, ironically, your visitors will be likely to stay longer and will return more often!

Keeping Interest

Images help you maintain the interest of your readers. On a dating blog, for example, you could include pictures of happy couples engaging in some kind of activity together.

Most posts can be enlivened with some type of relevant picture. The images don’t even have to perfectly relate to the blog post. If you maintain a personal blog, you can help create a connection with your readers by including family snapshots on your posts. If you blog about personal experiences, a digital camera is crucial to help document your experiences.

Pictures can also help clarify your points. On this blog, for example, screenshots help illustrate the topics being discussed.

Adding an Image

The steps you take to add images vary depending on your blogging software. In Apple’s iWeb, you click the Add Page button in the lower left-hand corner. Then you choose the blog page type from the Template Chooser. Three items will appear for your blog page in the Site Organizer on the left-hand panel. One represents the blog itself, and below that are items for Entries and the Archive. Click on the Entries item and then click on the Add Blog Entry button.

Most, if not all, of the templates in iWeb, including blog pages, include media placeholders for the adding of images. You can call up the Media Browser by clicking the Media button at the bottom of the main window, and then drag images from the browser on top of the placeholder to add your own images.

In RapidWeaver, you can add images to your blog page merely by dragging them in from the Finder or from your iPhoto library, which is accessible through the RapidWeaver iMedia Browser, which is available under the View menu. You can even add an image to your RapidWeaver page through the Take a Picture command under the Edit menu, which will allow you to add a picture with your Mac’s built-in iSight camera, but of course it must be a picture of something that you can hold in front of your computer.

The controls to add an image in WordPress are a little trickier. The image controls are only accessible through a tiny icon in the Upload/Insert area, which is incredibly easy for the beginner to overlook. The Upload/Insert icons are just above the toolbar, which is just above the Post Editing Area. The first icon in the Upload/Insert section is the one you use for adding an image.

Adding images to your blog is a great way to allow it to be more easily scanned by visitors and to hold their interest.

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