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YouTube Lets You Broadcast Yourself

Once upon a time, the Internet was used for research. Then came this thing called popularity, and the use of the Internet changed dramatically. Today, for billions of people, the Internet’s primary use is that of entertainment. One of the most popular entertainment sites online is YouTube (although the site can be used for research […]

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Yes Virginia, There Are Online Earning Opportunities

There is no such thing as a “computer generated” income. Building an income with your Mac will take work and effort, but it is something that millions of people are doing every day. You should also not think that you need a certain type of computer platform in order to make money online. You can […]

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Why You Can Sell More With Video!

The web is no longer just about pictures and text. In this age of broadband, video is becoming more and more standard, and it has proven to be one of the best ways of selling online. With the increasing number of people trying to sell a product or service, competition is heating up. While the […]

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Why Do We Worship the Almighty Google?

It seemed like not so long ago that AOL and Yahoo thought they owned the Internet and had rights of control over it. They claimed to be waging war on spam while filling our screens with advertisements. In recent years, however, it seems as if Google has become our new digital overlord and everything we […]

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When Your Mac Starts Having Problems

Picture of the Genius Bar in the Apple Store Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The introduction of the laptop such as the MacBook and the tablet such as the iPad have made computers ever more portable, and you can find them almost everywhere–on planes, trains, and automobiles…and buses too! Such devices allow you to […]

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What RSS Is and How It Can Benefit You

Even if you are new to the Internet, you have no doubt seen references to RSS online and in magazines and have noticed those funny little RSS icons and invitations to subscribe to the RSS feeds of various websites. Yet you may not have a clear understanding of what such a feed actually is. RSS […]

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